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5 Things to Do Before You Sign up for Home Alarm Services 

Want to know how to get the very best home alarm services for your home?  Just do these 5 things before you sign on the dotted line: 

1.  Think about your kids and your pets

Both will play a role in how effective your alarm system is!  If, for example, the kids are going to be in charge of turning off the alarm when they get home from school, you'll need an alarm that's easy for them to disarm.  Or, if Fido likes to play with his favorite toy in the middle of the night, you'll need to find an alarm with pet-friendly motion detectors. 

2.  Remember to keep the common sense around

Just because you have home alarm services doesn't mean that you're safe.  You still have to do all of the "little things" right -- like keeping your doors locked, asking a neighbor to pick up your newspapers when you're not around, and making sure you've got top-of-the-line deadbolts. 

Remember, burglars look for homes with weaknesses.  Even if you have an alarm, an unlocked back door can make your home too attractive to pass up! 

3.  Get the facts

Unfortunately, some home alarm services come with salesmen who will really lay on the pressure to get you to sign on the dotted line.  They may try to scare you into thinking that your neighborhood is incredibly dangerous!  In order to avoid falling into this trap, get some crime statistics from your local police department beforehand.  That way, you'll REALLY know how dangerous things are! 

4.  Take a technology lesson

If you don't know how your home alarm services are going to work, you can't possibly buy the best system!  You need to understand that alarm systems can be wired or wireless.  Either way, they'll have sensors on the doors and windows that "talk" to a main control panel.  Those sensors may even be programmed to go off when glass is broken.

Beyond the basics, you need to understand that home alarm services can come with plenty of "extras".  For example, you can get motion detectors that cover the interior of your home, remote access on your smartphone that can turn on your lamps when it gets dark, or even an automated way to have your home's temperature go up and down at certain times.

5.  Understand the price factor

Even comparable home alarm services can vary greatly when it comes to price.  Or, you may see expensive systems that don't do anything beyond what the more affordable systems can give you.  So, before you sign on the dotted line, do some shopping around!

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